5 tips to improve your mental health


Mind matters!Here are 5 ways to enhance your mental health

Life never ceases to amaze us. There may be times when you give up mentally and just can’t seem to get yourself together. The pandemic has added to our daily struggles immensely and it is more important than ever to ensure that you take necessary measures to improve your mental health. We give you some steps that you can take to start on this journey.

Focussing on physical health: Your road to good mental health starts with making your physical health a priority. Eat right, keep yourself hydrated, exercise well, take proper rest, and avoid things that bring down your immunity. A healthy body will be the ideal vehicle for a healthy mind.

Setting realistic goals: Many a times we over-estimate our abilities while setting goals. We also forget to take into account factors that are not in our control and may affect our targets and take us by surprise. It is time to go easy on yourself and ask if the goal that you are setting for yourself is achievable or not. There is no point in setting an irrationally ambitious goal and then punishing yourself if you are not able to achieve it.

Seeking help: Not all of us feel comfortable admitting that we need help emotionally. We quickly go to the doctor for our physical ailments but try to hide or ignore when our emotional health is in danger. Do not think twice before telling your near ones that you need help. Talk it out so that your support group can become wider.

Removing negativity: Just as it is important to de-clutter your house, it is imperative to de-clutter your brain. Break the ties that bring you down. Address the toxic relationships that you have and make efforts to bring a positive change. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. .

Caring for others: Sometimes the best way we can help ourselves is by helping others. Thinking beyond your own needs and problems will help you get over them. When you volunteer to help someone else in trouble, it works like therapy for you as well.

So, the next time you get your yearly body tests done, donít forget to introspect and check if your mental health needs help.