Doing it the right way!


Are you also committing these mistakes while making your tea?

Don't you just love having that hot cup of Chai as you sip the deliciousness over memorable conversations? Surprisingly, there are many mistakes that people often make while brewing their favourite beverage. Here are 5 errors that you might be committing during your chai making routine.

Storing it the wrong way: We often use a rubber band to seal extra tea or empty it into a jar. The best practice is to store it in an airtight container. Even better would be to keep it in a pouch, before placing it into the container. Also, avoid keeping your tea close to spices and heat as it negatively affects its taste.

Giving that tea bag the squeeze: For black teas, it is a bad idea to squeeze the tea bag since it can make the tea taste bitter. However, for milk teas, it is good to steep the bag a bit longer to have that flavoursome cup.

Keeping the lid on: Oxygen helps bring out the flavour of the tea, so if you are brewing milk tea, it is better to keep the lid off. Moreover, this will ensure that the tea is not over-brewed.

Using the wrong kind of water: Your choice of water will majorly decide the taste of your tea. If you use micro-waved water, you will be left with a metallic taste. Tap water will lend a chemical taste to your cuppa. Better avoid reheated water as it will make your tea flat owing to the loss of oxygen. So, what kind of water should you opt for? Cold, filtered, and fresh!

Adding milk at the wrong time: Do you also add milk before adding tea to the pot? This is a big faux-pas as it lowers the temperature of the tea and affects the taste. Always remember, first comes the tea, then the milk!

We bet you are already craving for a hot dose of your precious tea. So go ahead and make sure you do not make these common mistakes for your next cup!