Did you know?


Shampooing was invented in India!

India has contributed a lot to the world in terms of inventions. From board games like Chess, Snakes and Ladders, to the number Zero, the Ayurveda and the USB, there is a lot that the world can thank India for. One such invention is the concept of shampooing. Yes, you read that right!

Indian women take pride in their beautiful luscious hair and are envied the world over. Now we know that the foundation for that exceptional hair quality was laid centuries ago. Shampoo comes from the Sanskrit word capayati that actually means pound or knead. Its use in English can be attributed to the Hindi term champo, which refers to the process of rubbing shampoo into your hair!

Traditional Indian shampoos had ingredients like Soapberry extract, Gooseberry, Shikakai paste, reetha, bhringraj, hibiscus, etc. While ancient Indians used special blends of extracts and plant oils, the colonial traders in India introduced the concept to Britain. Eventually, the traditional pastes used by Indians evolved into the modern day shampoo.

Not just the concept of shampooing but also the concept of having shampoo sachets was an Indian invention. It came into being when an entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu decided to make the product more affordable to the common man. This eventually resulted in a 500-crore INR shampoo brand called Chik!

So, the next time you shampoo your hair, you will have one more reason to feel like a proud Indian!