Questions to ask yourself before starting a diet


Dieting: To-do or not to-do! Here are a few questions that you must ask yourself before you start a diet.

Almost everyone you meet is either dieting or wishing they had the discipline to start a diet regime. While it is a good thing to aim for a healthy body, it is also important to take a minute and ask yourself the right questions before actually doing it. Here are a few things that you must consider before taking the plunge:

Why am I doing this? It is extremely important for the right kind of motivation to drive your decision to diet. Ask yourself if you are doing it for the right reasons or not. If the urge to diet has come from negative emotion, then you need to re-align your priorities. You should try to diet for your own good and for personal satisfaction. There is nothing that you need to prove to anyone!

How should I be doing this? There are tons of dieting options available these days. It is extremely important to first understand your own body, your problem areas, and your own limitations before choosing a particular diet. Your lifestyle, your medical background, your body type, etc., all should be taken into consideration before you pick a diet plan.

Will this affect my social life? If a diet is too restrictive, it can actually affect your social life. You will have to think twice before going for that dinner with friends or going for a picnic with your loved ones. It can in-turn negatively affect the relationships that mean the most to you.

What health benefits will I reap? Do not simply focus on weight loss. There are many other right reasons to start a diet plan. You can reap way more benefits than weight loss. A healthy body will eventually lead to a healthy mind. So, if your ultimate goal is to gain wholistic rewards from dieting, then your approach towards dieting will also change.

Will this make me unhappy? Simply starving yourself while dieting is not the right approach. If you are perpetually hungry and thinking about food, then it will make you feel miserable and exhausted the whole day. No diet is worth that. So, while deciding if dieting is for you or not, do consider your true happiness.

Whether you decide to diet or not, it is completely your choice. However, if you invest in the thought process before taking the decision, it will make the whole journey more meaningful.