Majestic lakes with unnatural colours


Too stunning to be true! Here is a look at some lakes around the world with unique coloured water.

When we think of a lake, it is a picture in blue and green. A large body of blue water surrounded by green trees or mountains. Well, it is time to change this colour palette as we bring you lakes that have the most unique colours!

Lake Hillier: Welcome to a bubble-gum pink pool located on Middle Island, off the south coast of Western Australia. And guess what, even if you take the water out of the lake, it does not lose its colour! It is surrounded by white sand beaches, lush forest, and the deep blue sea. The striking pink colour might be owing to salt-loving microbes, which thrive in the lake’s saline waters.

Chott el Djerid: What a sight to behold in the extreme heat of the Sahara Desert! The bacteria in this enormous salt-lake give fascinating hues to the water, from purple to pink to red. Stretching over 5,000 kms, it offers tidy stacks of salt that line the road. And one more thing, a scene from Star Wars was filmed here!

Spotted lake Khiluk: Get ready for a mind-boggling experience! Khiluk is a saline endorheic alkali lake often referred to as the spotted lake. It is located at Osoyoos in British Columbia and its unique formation is owing to the minerals present in it. When summer comes, most of the water evaporates, resulting in 365 smaller lakes that are connected by a mineral path. And as far as the colour is concerned, it can be yellow, green, or blue. What’s more? The lake spots shift in size and colour with time.

Travertine Pools: If a cascading staircase of pristine ponds is what you like, then head to Travertine pools in Turkey. The unique rock formation is filled with pale blue water which almost looks white, thanks to the calcium carbonate residue. It is also a natural spa as the water temperatures reach around 97 degrees Fahrenheit!

Lake Natron: This may be one of the most fascinating lakes in terms of colour but being near it may not be a pleasant affair. Located in Tanzania, this lake has water that is high in salinity (thanks to the extremely hot temperatures) and has large amounts of sodium carbonate decahydrate (Natron) as residue! The deep red coloured lake is heaven for certain types of algae. Also, the cyanobacteria are a major source of food for flamingos.

We bet at least one of these will make it to your bucket list!